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UCIe Announces Incorporation and New Board Members at FMS 2022

August 2022 was an exciting month for UCIe! Along with the announcement of the formal incorporation of the Consortium and two new board members, Alibaba Group and NVIDIA, we were represented at Flash Memory Summit 2022 by board chair Debendra Das Sharma (Intel) and president Cheolmin Park (Samsung).

Incorporation Details

The UCIe Consortium incorporation allows for new member benefits:

  • Intellectual property rights (IPR) protection is now in place for members.

  • New working groups are now formed and active:

    • Electrical Working Group - exploring electrical solution elements (including mainband and sideband)

    • Protocol Working Group - advancing the protocol layer, D2D adapter, Logical PHY, and Interface

    • Form Factor/Compliance Working Group - furthering compliance, testing, and debugging, mechanical elements, Thermal, and forward-looking form factor solutions (e.g., 3D)

    • Manageability/Security Working Group - exploring manageability extensions

    • Systems & Software Working Group - managing configuration and parameters

    • Marketing Working Group - responsible for outreach to the industry

To get involved with a particular working group, email for information.

UCIe Makes a Splash at FMS’22

Flash Memory Summit 2022 provided the perfect backdrop for the incorporation announcement as UCIe was well represented in invited and group talks.

Debendra was invited to present on the topic of UCIe: An Open Industry Standard for Chiplets, during which he shared the news of the Consortium’s official incorporation and announced the addition of the two newly elected board members. His presentation focused on the increasing demands of high-performance workloads for on-package integration of heterogeneous processing units, on-package memory, and communication infrastructure in the emerging compute landscape. He went on to explore the usages and key metrics associated with different technology choices in UCIe, the different layers and software models, compliance and interoperability mechanisms, and how UCIe will evolve to incorporate additional use cases in future.

As part of the Systems Architecture Track, Cheolmin introduced UCIe Consortium and the UCIe 1.0 specification, which leverages PCI Express (PCIe) and Compute Express Link (CXL) industry standards, in a group talk detailing CXL Architectures. Topics of discussion included the PCIe 6.0 specification, CXL fabric manager, and the new features in the CXL 3.0 specification.

Fall is just getting underway and there is so much more on the horizon for UCIe in the coming months. So, welcome to the UCIe Blog and we hope you will stay tuned for future updates and news from the Consortium.

Questions? Comments? Email us at We look forward to hearing from you!


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