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UCIe 2023 Year in Review

As we welcome in the new year, the UCIe™ Consortium Marketing Workgroup decided to take a moment to celebrate some of the amazing work accomplished in 2023.

While 2022 introduced the UCIe 1.0 standard to a emerging chiplet community, 2023 saw UCIe expand its educational and promotional programs through participation in a multitude of industry events, the establishment of a new Automotive Working Group, the development of new educational and community content, technology demonstration announcement, release of the UCIe 1.1 specification, and much more.

Here are some of the highlights from a successful and busy year:

  • February 2023 marked the growth of the UCIe Consortium to more than 100 members; an incredible milestone for the first year of its incorporation!

  • UCIe released its 1.1 Specification for public download. This specification update delivers valuable improvements that extend reliability mechanisms, provide enhancements for the automotive industry, enable lower cost implementations, and establish compliance and interoperability testing specs.

  • Along with the specification update release, the new Automotive Work Group was established, addressing the needs of the automotive industry (members interested in participating can join via Causeway).

  • Presentations from Flash Memory Summit 2023 were made available to the public via the UCIe Consortium YouTube Channel. Viewers can learn directly from UCIe experts on a variety of topics ranging from UCIe protocols to software manageability, compliance, and more.

  • UCIe participated in several industry events including Chiplet Summit, ISC High Performance 2023, IMAPS CHIPcon, Hot Chips, Storage Developers Conference, SC23 and more. Learn more about UCIe’s 2024 planned activities on the events page.

  • The first UCIe Interoperable Demo was released at September’s Intel Innovation event in collaboration with UCIe Consortium member companies Intel, Synopsys, and TSMC.

The excitement around UCIe continues and we anticipate incredible developments and announcements for 2024. Don’t miss anything! Follow the UCIe Consortium on LinkedIn and Twitter/X to stay up to date and if you would like to join the UCIe Consortium community, gaining access to draft specifications and participating in work groups, become a member of UCIe today.


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