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Amber Huffman

UCIe Director

Amber Huffman is a lead technologist in Google Cloud responsible for leading industry engagement efforts in the data center ecosystem across servers, storage, networking, accelerators, power, cooling, and security. Prior to joining Google, she spent 25 years at Intel serving as an Intel Fellow and VP. Amber is the President of NVM Express, the co-chair of the Open Compute Foundation Storage Project, and on the Board of Directors for the Universal Chiplet Express Interconnect.

Over her career, Amber has used her expertise and influence to lead the storage industry toward defining and adopting fast, streamlined, highly power-managed, and low-latency storage interfaces. She has led numerous industry standards to successful adoption, including NVM Express, Open NAND Flash Interface, and Serial ATA. Amber served in leadership roles in Datacenter and IP teams at Intel, including CTO for the IP Engineering Group, the team responsible for providing Intel’s I/O, memory, fabric, and analog & mixed signal solutions.

Amber Huffman
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