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Hear from our Board

UCIe™ Consortium Board of Directors

Statements of Support 

(Alphabetized by Company) 


Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc. (ASE)

“ASE today is delivering on the promise of heterogeneous integration through advanced packaging and chiplet solutions to meet growth momentum across HPC, Automotive, AI, and more. The establishment of die-to-die interconnect standards and an open chiplet ecosystem has become imperative and UCIe is clearly positioned to play a vital role in supporting industry advancement. As ASE evolves our VIPack™ platform designed to enable vertically integrated package solutions, we congratulate UCIe on its official incorporation and look forward to its significant impact on how the industry can collectively bring more and more chiplet-based designs to market.” - Yin Chang, senior vice president, ASE, Inc.


Alibaba Group

“As a universal and open standard, UCIe brings the highly desired interoperability and cost efficiency to the global chiplet ecosystem.  By working with other key industry partners, Alibaba is committed to fostering an open and thriving chiplet ecosystem for the benefit of the industry.” - Dr. Weifeng Zhang, chief scientist of heterogeneous computing, Alibaba Cloud



“Enabling a multi-vendor chiplet ecosystem is a critical piece of how the industry can deliver significant increases in performance and energy efficiency over the coming decade. As a leader in chiplet technology, AMD is committed to investing in open standards to develop a strong chiplet ecosystem. We are extremely proud to work alongside and contribute to the combined expertise of the UCIe Consortium member organizations.” - Nathan Kalyanasundharam, corporate fellow and AMD Infinity Fabric lead architect, AMD


Google Cloud

“The formation of UCIe has catalyzed the creation of an open, standards based chiplet ecosystem. The more than 60 Contributors that joined the Consortium since its founding in March are already contributing to the vibrant ecosystem, with numerous companies placing UCIe-based offerings on their roadmaps. Google Cloud is excited about the future innovative Systems on Chip (SoC) designs that this multi-vendor, interoperable chiplet ecosystem will enable.”  - Amber Huffman, principal engineer, Google Cloud



“Intel has a rich history in driving open platforms and industry-shaping standards. To enable openness, choice, and trust, Intel Foundry Services (IFS) is focusing our investments on an open standard – UCIe – upon which our customers and partners can build interoperable solutions. As Chiplets are a major industry trend, we support customers’ innovation on our leadership semiconductor and packaging technologies and are pleased to collaborate with the industry through the UCIe board and working groups.” - Dr. Randhir Thakur, president, Intel Foundry Services



“Meta believes UCIe will accelerate product innovation across multiple use cases by enabling a standard interface supported by an ecosystem of standard chiplets. The resulting UCIe ecosystem can benefit both the infrastructure and consumer side of our businesses. We look forward to collaborating with the community to drive UCIe to support multiple emerging market opportunities.” 



“NVIDIA welcomes industry-standard methods to connect multiple chiplets to scale computing. We’re committed to advancing the UCIe standard, both by joining its board and by supporting it in our upcoming GPUs, DPUs and CPUs, creating new possibilities for custom chips and systems-level integration.” - Ashish Karandikar, vice president of Hardware Engineering, NVIDIA


Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

“I am honored to represent Qualcomm on the UCIe Board of Directors. UCIe should serve to move chiplet technology forward, an important technology to address challenges in our increasingly complex semiconductor systems.” - Jim Panian, senior director, technical standards, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.


Samsung Electronics

"We are highly encouraged by the incorporation of the UCIe Consortium and the industry's response, which demonstrates the market-wide need for standardization of chiplet interconnect technology. As a total silicon solution provider of memory and logic semiconductors, we look forward to closely collaborating with other Consortium members in serving as the foundation for a robust chiplet ecosystem and for bringing performance leaps to next-generation computing systems.” - Cheolmin Park, vice president of the Memory New Business Planning Team, Samsung Electronics, and president of the UCIe Consortium.


Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company

“TSMC is looking forward to participating in the industry-wide UCIe Consortium that will broaden the ecosystem for package-level integration. TSMC offers several silicon and packaging technologies that provide multiple implementation options for heterogeneous UCIe devices.” - Stefan Rusu, senior director, TSMC

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